OHHHH 2021. What a roller coaster of a year you had us on. Lots of ups, downs, many twists and turns that went into the right/wrong direction. This year I felt… overwhelmed. A massive weight was lifted from my chest in 2020. I found myself again, found my energy and truly started to appreciate just […]

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My 2 Little Ones

My Johnny. My Xander. My why. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. When I first started teaching Special Education, never in a million years did I think that someday I would have, not one but TWO kids that would need Special Education. God only gives you what you can handle but […]

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Single, Working Mama Life. Damn. I have gained a whole new perspective of what THAT is like. And never have I ever thought it would be like this. Once the decision to divorce was made, all I asked of my EX was to be amicable and to do what’s best for the children. Welllllllllll, that […]

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The SAME but… Different.

.The move. The same but different. The same: I still see my kids everyday, I get to bath them and tuck them in everynight with their favorite story and wake up to those smiling faces in the morning. Different: I don’t see them every weekend, only every other. I get home and have to rush […]

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Ripping The Bandaid Off.

SOOO.. it’s happening, I’m getting a divorce and yes. I AM BLOGGING ABOUT IT. I am not blasting it all over social media.. I write about it in my own personal diary, as most should. On MY blog. I am allowed to do this, right? (insert eye roll). I do have a question: Why is […]

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Keeping all the Toys Organized…

I hate toys. Yes, I said it, I HATE TOYS. They get everywhere, they are these huge plastic things that your kids will play with for about 2 seconds and then are done with, they crowd everything and get everywhere! SO, do my kids have toys? Yes. I’m not that mean of a mommy… depending […]

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