I’m Dee. Mama, daughter, sister, (recently) divorced, a Special Education Teacher and now “Anonymous”. I have two beautiful boys, Johnny and Xander, also the cutest French Bulldog named Louie Valentino. Life gets messy, no one is actually perfect and if they think they are, well.. they are not and neither will this blog be.


With Johnny, I had a “surprise” birth. I mean, not like the Virgin Mary. I just didn’t know if I was pregnant with a baby boy or girl and it was THE BEST. I didn’t have to deal with returning ugly gaudy pink everything or all blue, “little slugger” outfits from anyone. Everything was gender neutral for.. for if I lose my mind and think I want to do this all over again. ANYWAY.. When I found out he was a boy, I thought.. Swag. My babe is going to have swag and that’s just what he has. I hate shirts that have anything on them and love pants that have all the crazy print and colors. I literally get asked all the time where I shop for Johnny so there will be many posts on his clothing, what I find, sales and all!! AND who said dressing a boy isn’t fun?! My credit cards can atest to that….and then I had another baby boy. Alexander James. My little adobe meatball.


I’m from Westchester, New York. And to clarify, that is NOT upstate NY. Its a 25 min express train to NYC and a 30 min drive…Westchester people hate being called “upstate”. I’ve actually seen online fighting over this, apparently people take it very seriously. (LOL).


1982, the best year. 80’s baby, 90 vibes and the most fun EVER in my early 20’s with no documentation to prove it.


I started this blog because after I had my son, I felt lonely. I left my job to raise my babe and needed a place to vent, share, rant, rave and share. My truth, my points of view, my thoughts, my 1st amendment right, you get the point. SO, here we blog!