Ripping The Bandaid Off.

SOOO.. it’s happening, I’m getting a divorce and yes. I AM BLOGGING ABOUT IT. I am not blasting it all over social media.. I write about it in my own personal diary, as most should. On MY blog. I am allowed to do this, right? (insert eye roll). I do have a question: Why is […]

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Keeping all the Toys Organized…

I hate toys. Yes, I said it, I HATE TOYS. They get everywhere, they are these huge plastic things that your kids will play with for about 2 seconds and then are done with, they crowd everything and get everywhere! SO, do my kids have toys? Yes. I’m not that mean of a mommy… depending […]

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Traveling tips with little babes.

Traveling is SO. MUCH. FUN… except when you have to travel with your kids. Kidding but not really! I can not believe how much STUFF we had to pack. I actually had to go out and buy an extra luggage just for the toys, snacks, toiletries, diapers, wipes, my medicine cabinet, and the kitchen sink. […]

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What’s in my Diaper Bag?

The diaper bag. It’s heavy and it literally has everything in it. You need a tide to go stick? I got it. You need tissues, wipes, chapstick, lipstick, tampons, body wash, a nail file or a sock? I gotchu! I no longer carry my own personal purse, all my stuff and the kids stuff is […]

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C-Section Mama

When I was pregnant with Johnny, the last thing I thought I would ever have is a C-section birth. I mentally prepared myself for a “natural” birth. Natural in quotations because lets face it, pushing a watermelon out of your change purse will require all the drugs. Johnny was 2 weeks overcooked. I was completely […]

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Another year

Another year and another baby boy! X James was born on September 13th, 2018. A year ago today is actually the day I found out I was pregnant and what a surprise that was, in a good, crazy, wtf kinda way. Now, I literally have 2 walking cliches. Johnny was conceived on Valentines Day and […]

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His little voice

Johnny is in Speech. I used to teach Special Education so when he wasn’t “babbling” or saying words early on, I knew we needed to get him evaluated. At 18 months, he was assessed and lo and behold.. he needed Speech Therapy twice a week along with Special Instruction once a week. It’s definitely been […]

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